downloadable forms

For those who do not have computers, we are pleased to provide a printable mini-catalog that will list some of the basic items we carry. The Bunny Bytes mini-catalog and order form in Portable Document Format (PDF) contains only a portion of the items in our online catalog and nothing that is not already online. Downloading this PDF version of our catalog is not required for placing an order. You can download and print the mini-catalog or you contact us to mail it to you or a friend.

download our mini-catalog in PDF format.

For your convenience, We have an offline order form which can be downloaded and printed. You then have the option of mailing or faxing your order to us. Please be sure to contact us by phone or email to assist you with determining the appropriate shipping charge.

download our offline order form in PDF format.

To view this file, you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available absolutely free of charge from Adobe Systems. Once you have installed the Acrobat Reader, you can view our offline order form for viewing.

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